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The Silk Road


Travel the ancient trade route connecting east with west. The Silk Road is an olfactory adventure of passionate perfumes that evoke a distant place and time. Follow our character as it travels from Spain to Southeast Asia in search of the buddhist secrets.

1. Victrix by Profumum Roma [EDP]:
Inspired by the Sixth Victorious Legion, Victrix is a march though the grasslands of Italy: sharp, pine-type green surrounded by fresh airy herbals. Now on the boats and off to the sea.

2. Sables by Annick Goutal [EDP]:
Sailing the Mediterranean sea, we couldn’t help to notice a flower thats blooms near the coast. Created as a gift to her husband, Sables replicates the smell of Corsica beach using Immortelle flower as the main note, a symbol of true everlasting love, and a remainder of what this journey is about.

3. Yatagan by Caron [EDT]:
Off the sea and into Turkey, we saddle horses and head to central Asia with Yatagan. Named after the turkish curved sable, this green sharp scent is an invitation into the exotic aromas of the Ottoman Empire.

4. Myths Man by Amouage [EDP]:
We hop into camels to cross the Arabian desert. Days pass by and things start to get surreal. Myths is encounter with the divine, a one of a kind burning bird that’s a blast to the senses.

5. Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens [EDP]:
Off the sand and into the Indian jungle.  Vetiver Oriental is an earthy, decadent-exotic smell that invites deeper into the dense, reminding that danger lurks behind every corner.

6. Tam Dao by Diptyque [EDT]:
Last stop is the Golden Triangle, where finally found what we were looking for in a buddhist temple in northern Vietnam. Tam Dao is a sandalwood vibrant green that’s an invitation to peace. “Be like the sandalwood tree, which perfumes the axe that fells it.”

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